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Welcome to Schattdecor in Russia!

Get to know both of our locations in Chekhov and Tyumen

Schattdecor is an internationally successful family-owned company in the printed and finished surfaces segment. The headquarters of our corporate group is located in Thansau, Germany. Thanks to our locations and representative offices all over the world we provide our customers and partners optimal availability, accessibility and short distances.

With our two locations in Chekhov and Tyumen we've established a foothold in Russia. We develop innovative solutions according to the requirements of our customers and partners in the wood-based material and furniture industries. Step by step, we transform ideas, energy and passion into modern decors, deceptively real-looking surfaces, extraordinary service and advanced technologies – in short, into "Unlimited Solutions". For example, worldwide, our group processes more than two billion square meters of paper per year, generating an annual turnover of approximately 750 million euros.

Let's discuss the start of your career, and development opportunities!

Let's help you choose the professional direction for you: Our company atmosphere is characterized by a respectful teamwork culture and the targeted promotion of professional strengths and interests.


We're determined to make a success of your time with us

Our ever-increasing international success as a surface specialist provides employees with attractive professional and career prospects. Whenever possible, we also fill vacancies from within.

We're particularly proud of our strong interpersonal relationships and unique corporate culture, characterized by individuality, honesty, passion, consistent and rigorous work and visionary thinking: Schattdecor isn't just a workspace – it's a living space for all of us.

Plus points for Schattdecor Russia!

    International Market Leader
    Family-owned Enterprise
    Ergonomic working places
    (Private) Health Insurance
    Personnel Development (JOBFIT) & Language Courses
    Annual Bonus
    Employee Events
    Full of Ideas (Idea Management)

Further benefits:

  • Employee restaurant
  • Shuttle-Service


Head Office of Schattdecor Russia

  • Approx. 240 employees
  • Approx. 70 kilometers from Moscow city center
  • 1 shared corporate goal

Our location in Chekhov is approx. 70 km south of Moscow. This is the location of our central sales and showroom.

Currently approx. 240 creative Schattdecor employees are employed there. Our company provides attractive professional development and career opportunities, and also promotes initiative, suggestions for improvement and participation in optimizing work processes.

We place great importance on a positive work-development-life balance, and comfortable and safe workplaces.

Our employees enjoy the picturesque premises, with its plant canteen, fitness room, sauna house and pond. We of course fully comply with employment law legislation.


Our employees about Schattdecor Chekhov

Mitarbeiter Anochin Schattdecor Tschechov
"At Schattdecor, I am excited about the stability of the company, but also the feeling of shared responsibility for the success of the entire company."
Sergej I. Anochin | Production Schattdecor Chekhov
"Schattdecor has succeeded in creating really good working conditions for its employees. A team of good friends supports you in all situations."
Alexander Boldyrev | Sales Department Schattdecor Chekhov
Mitarbeiter Divanidov Schattdecor Tschechov
"Good people work at Schattdecor!"
Alexej Divanidov | Production Schattdecor Chekhov
Mitarbeiterin Kharchenko Schattdecor Tschechov
"Schattdecor is undoubtedly a highly professional company that offers me a long-term perspective. It makes you proud to work for such a company!"
Tatiana Kharchenko | Sales Department Schattdecor Chekhov
Mitarbeiterin Lebedeva Schattdecor Tschechov
"Schattdecor supports us employees in many areas and offers a variety of opportunities for professional and personal development."
Ewgenija Lebedeva | Technologist Schattdeocr Chekhov
Mitarbeiterin Poliakova Schattdecor Tschechov
"Schattdecor creates a pleasant working atmosphere with a friendly atmosphere. I was allowed to grow here and I'm looking forward to the future."
Elena Poljakova | Shipping Department Schattdecor Chekhov
Mitarbeiter Zuev Schattdecor Tschechov
"The company is characterized by stability and comfortable working conditions. I am happy to work here and look to the future with confidence."
Ivan Zuev | Technical Service Schattdecor Chekhov

Contact us at the location Tschechov

Wera Batura| HR

+7 495 662 3150


Schattdecor Russia's second plant location

  • Approx. 80 employees
  • 330 kilometers from Yekaterinburg
  • 1 shared corporate goal

Welcome to the Tyumen site of Schattdecor

Welcome to Schattdecor's location in Tyumen. The city has 600,000 inhabitants, and our plant lies on the outskirts. Our team in Tyumen is relatively small with 80 employees but very collegial and cooperative, and the team members are good friends.

Our employees enjoy all of this large city's advantages, not forgetting its rich history and the numerous leisure activities on offer.


Our employees about Schattdecor Tyumen

Mitarbeiter Nikiforow Schattdecor Tjumen
"The most important thing for me is the fact that a close and friendly team has formed in the company."
Andrej Nikiforow | Machine operator, Impregnation Schattdecor Tyumen
Mitarbeiterin Reneva in Schattdecor Tjumen
"I really like that Schattdecor attaches great importance to training and developing the team."
Swetlana Reneva | AV Schattdecor Tyumen
Mitarbeiter Satlajkin Schattdecor Tjumen
"The company values every single position. And we feel that we are not only interested in our superiors as employees, but as people."
Jurij Satlajkin | Shift supervisor Schattdecor Tyumen
Mitarbeiterin Schichalewa Schattdecor Tjumen
"For me, Schattdecor means stability, future security. The company takes care of its employees and their families!"
Alina Schichalewa | Shipping Department Schattdecor Tyumen
Mitarbeiter Shershnev Schattdecor Tjumen
"We have an atmosphere of friendliness, mutual understanding and mutual support."
Dmitrij Scherschnjow | Warehouse master Schattdecor Tyumen
"I've been working for Schattdecor for almost three years and have never regretted my choice. Schattdecor values the work of each individual and takes care of us all."
Veronika Uljanowa | Occupational safety Schattdecor Tyumen

Contact us at the Tyumen site

Olga Razgulina | HR

+7 3452 52 02 7



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