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The Top 6 Kitchen Trends and the Outlook for 2022: The homing trend carries with it the longing for hominess and security.

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The Top 6 Kitchen Trends and the Outlook for 2022

Longing for security

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Shopping in transformation: How stores are turning into shops, hubs and ecosystems

Our designers discuss a new trend.


Inside Out - Outside In

How being outside influences our living space.


From the forest to the living room

BEZA Project Blau

Beza Project: Design for Co-Working

"We want to share the findings from our trend research with you."
Claudia Küchen | Chief Creative Officer Schattdecor AG, Thansau/Germany

The future is already taking shape around us

Arbeiten von unterwegs
Arbeiten von unterwegs

New Work

Helle Küche
Helle Küche

Fashion in Living

Highlight-Dekor: Flagstaff Oak