Decolay Real

At a time when people are focusing on health and well-being, there is a strong desire to have one’s surroundings match this sense of wellness with the incorporation of natural elements. Both commercial and residential design have embraced this trend, not only in the colors and decors that are being brought to the market, but in the physical appearance of surfaces as well. From a decorative manufacturing perspective, the need for these naturally appearing surfaces is obvious, which is how the idea for the Decolay Real product came to fruition and ultimately led to a unique collaboration between Schattdecor and our North American partner Roseburg Forest Products.


What is Decolay Real?

Decolay Real is an enhanced thermally fused product that makes it possible to create an optical surface structure while avoiding the cost implications and operational complexity of textured Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL). A major advantage of Decolay Real is that its surface properties are achieved without the use of texture plates, which greatly decreases time consuming production processes.

The break in convention lies in Decolay Real’s ability to serve the market niche between classic TFL and modern synchronous applications which require plates that must be intricately aligned with the printed image. Using a patent-pending technology that combines both matte and gloss surface layers, Decolay Real beautifully mimics real-wood finishes with a rich visual synchronous effect. A major benefit of this innovative technology is the natural-looking pore structure that gives prominent furniture surfaces a noticeable value addition.

“Decolay Real offers our customers the possibility to differentiate from their competition, and offers therefore gain a head start as a technically innovative company.”
Dieter Schuckmann, Head of Sales Impregnation Schattdecor Thansau

Strong Partnership

The Decolay Real collaboration was deeply rooted in Roseburg’s consumer focused design approach, making this a natural partnership with the team at Schattdecor. Carefully considering the needs of the end user, Schattdecor and Roseburg curated a new collection focused on sustainable design and color trends. This color palette is comprised of six colors each suited for the flexible and multidimensional lifestyles of North Americans. Each woodgrain structure and color was assessed for its viability in healthcare, retail, hospitality, office, and home to ensure congruency with the already successful Duramine brand.




“As the market changes and buying behaviors change with it, our focus with Schattdecor was creating a TFL offering that was forward thinking in design and in function. Each woodgrain has a blend of warm and cool color tones, giving designers flexibility as they create new products or environments.“
Renette Rier, Roseburg Strategic Business Manager – TFL, MDF and PB

Meeting the Needs of Today and Tomorrow

Roseburg’s Duramine Decolay Real by Schattdecor features Ash, Pine, Hickory, and Oak options, all of which are included in their Quick Ship program, to provide customers flexibility and ease in their selections. The veneer-like pore structure of Decolay Real gives customers an enriched visual appeal while still ensuring the benefits of high quality TFL.

Paneling, doors, cabinets, and interior furniture are great focal points for showcasing the enhanced TFL technology. By considering form, function, and how each component impacts the end user, these Duramine Quick Ship additions prove to be a great fit, making Decolay Real a matter of great interest in the months ahead.