Référence du décor : 4000561-01-000

Exciting! Affresco contains classic elements reminiscent of the fresco technique used in monumental wall paintings as far back as Ancient Egypt and Rome. The freshness and vibrancy of the design comes from the tantalizing mix of a modern gold effect with traditional craftsmanship. Motif designs that were once created by hand still endure and inspire to this day. Now, with new digital freedoms, décors like Affresco bring these designs into the future. Depending on taste, Affresco can be layered with gold, rose, or multicolor effects, creating an almost holographic look. Affresco connects the two worlds of then and now by utilizing both analog and digital elements.

  • Type de décor: Graphiques et textures
  • Utilisation: Mobilier
  • Dimensions: 2100.0 x 2800.0 mm