The success stories from Schattdecor arise from our good cooperation with customers, partners and employees.


Digital printing: technological milestone

Our digital printing story is full of ideas, courage and pioneering spirit.

Striking and rustic: Monastery Oak

Our “Monastery Oak” décor lives from the fascination for striking, rustic natural wood floors. Its strong cracks are impressively carved out. Numerous medullary rays as well as knots reinforce the wood character.

Our customer Forte used the furniture decor in the Smartfoil 3D version for their “Jacky” bedroom program.


Topkapi Palast
Topkapi Palast

From Topkapı Palace to "Mariza"

Our Mix & Match decor embodies 1300 years of art history.


A highlight - in the truest sense of the word

Overlay Print: transparent surface for a special play of light

Appearance of architectural concrete: loft

The "Ginger" bedroom range from Forte is simple, modern and elegant. We achieved its distinctive look with our “Loft” decor in combination with the Smartfoil Classic process.

Loft interprets exposed concrete as a structure-rich layout with many typical details. Furniture elements can be designed as well as worktops or wall surfaces.



Decor from the Gdansk granary island

How our “Amberwood” decor came about

Riviera Oak with surface effect

Our customer Innostyle uses our “Riviera Oak” decor for the Dinaro living room range. The modern, minimalist living program is kept in a light, warm wood tone.

We created the surface effect with Smartfoil 3D.


Oryantal güzellik

“Istanbul Walnut” dekoru, Türkiye'den Mısır'a insanlara ilham veriyor.

Dekor mit Zweig
Dekor mit Zweig

Caravan Selection

Digital Visions
Digital Visions

Digital Visions Selection