Caravan Selection

As individual as travel experiences are, people's demands on their mobile home are just as unique.

Based on our international target group research, our almost forty years of decor expertise and our many years of experience in the caravan industry, our annually updated "Caravan Selection" decor range focuses on different types of travelers. Because all caravaning fans have one thing in common, no matter how different their lifestyles may be: they love exploring the big, wide world in their own home on wheels.

Our Caravan Selection 24/25 appeals to travelers for whom independence and self-determination are important. These people prioritize values that money can't buy: Retreat, open skies, as much undisturbed nature as possible. They want an active outdoor vacation away from the mainstream and peak season. They can easily leave the infrastructure and amenities of the big city behind - because their dream caravan offers them everything they need outdoors. This year's INDEPENDENT design world uses colors and materials favored by this type of person.