Leadership, cooperation and customer relationships

Our promise to you!

Der Vorstand der Schattdecor SE steht zusammen als Gruppenfoton

Dear employees, customers, and suppliers worldwide,  

as the executive board of an international company, we are aware of our responsibility to you. 

We run a company and we, as a community, have agreed to operate in a profitable manner and to treat each other with honesty and fairness. Both in personal relationships within our group and in business relationships. That is why we continuously review our quality standards in order to provide you with trend and market-driven decor and surface solutions. We guarantee careful and reliable delivery and the provision of sufficient capacities - at all locations worldwide. 

As a global company, we build on our intercultural competence and do not differentiate between employees, customers or suppliers: every relationship is equally important to us. Long-term ties are only created between partners who have equal rights. 

We see the principles of our mission statement, our corporate culture, as a stable foundation for the future. We do not shy away from change, we see it as a driving force for new opportunities.

Our goal is this: we will remain the first point of call worldwide when it comes to creating living spaces for millions of people around the globe with designs and surfaces - with passion and joy!

To this end, we are constantly expanding our product and solution portfolio, our partner network and our international presence.

As a family company, we remain true to our values, our demands for: humanity, quality, service, resource conservation and environmental protection. That makes us strong! Strong as a company and employer, but also as a reliable partner for the future.

Schattdecor SE Executive Board