Caravan Selection 2022/2023

The lifestyles of people who love to be on the road in their own caravan are fundamentally different: Quite a few of them are Best Agers who do not want to spend their retirement in the city, but in many cities at once. Thanks to mobility, many creative free spirits optimize their work-life balance, while families with children enjoy the boundless feeling of freedom under the sky. Digital nomads simply take their job with them on their travels, while others are satisfied with just the journey itself. Together they form a community. For their needs, we have created two fascinating design worlds that allow them to find happiness in the smallest of spaces. Get to know ADVENTUROUS and SILENT from Caravan Selection 22/23! 

Silent – travel in peace

“Before we go on a trip, we simply detach a part of our home with the caravan and take it with us. It becomes an essential part of our being on the move, a safe retreat. Whether the world outside is too noisy or even stands still, it doesn't affect us. Our home on four wheels means a haven of peace, safe space, and a place of well-being. This is where we recover from all stresses and strains. And tomorrow, rested and curious, we look forward to the adventures that await us around the next bend in the road.”


The colors and materials for SILENT

Silence leaves room for countless stories. In our SILENT design world, the powdery, light softness of the two decors Valetta Pine Elegance and Pietra Piasentina is the main theme. Fjord holds the turquoise of the sea against its velvety-sand atmosphere, bringing the calm bliss of travel into play. Overall, the color palette contributes to a reserved, tranquil atmosphere and a very unique naturalness.

This choice of decor creates SILENT


"Combine the soft Silent color palette with a powdery cooler Uni-shade."


Uni Fjord mat+


“We are one big community, one tribe. Whenever we start moving, the path becomes the goal, then we begin the next chapter of our own heroic journey. Just being part of something real, not completely predictable, fills us with joy. We want to embark on the adventure of life, feel nature and landscape, to connect with our innermost being.”

"Most of all, we like to share our intensely experienced stories with others – either directly with our campsite neighbors or online. Together we experience the world, discover new things, and recharge our batteries. Strengthened in this way, we can appreciate our encounters and be completely in the here and now.”


The colors and materials for ADVENTUROUS

The lively atmosphere of our ADVENTUROUS design world results from the earthy, rough, warm naturalness of Calgary and the smooth gradients of Imperia Pear. Decors such as Cascade and Mauve provide emotional contrasts. The materials tell of afternoon walks through rugged, fragrant landscapes or of fields of corn swaying in the breeze. Of the long wooden table where we end the sun-filled day together. Of the scent of warmth, of the dryness of the soil, and of the light reflecting off grains of sand.

ADVENTUROUS is created with this choice of decor

"The earthy Adventurous tones are really set off by a rich, deep Uni."


Uni Mauve mat+