California Elm

Decor-Number: 14-12095-001

The California Elm decor is a reproduction of the wood of multiple elm trees. The real material differs greatly in terms of color, depending on the wood. This decor layout is impressive with its wide range of colors and surpasses all others with its balance of multicolor effects. Particularly noteworthy is the coloring of the elongated flowers. Overall, the decor is linear and looks elegant and lively without appearing rustic. California Elm can also be colored with a mother-of- pearl effect, which gives the decor a nice shimmer and makes it even more striking.

  • Decor type: Woodgrain Decor
  • Woodgrain type: Acacia/Elm
  • Application type: Furniture
  • Size: 680 x 1300 mm
  • Compound egde partner: MKT GmbH