Alba Robinia

Decor-Number: 14-12108-001

The Alba Robinia decor is expressive and full of character. The focal point is the clear stripes and natural knotting of the material. This decor provides a wide color range. Its original material has not been treated, so it still has a slight yellow-green tinge. The extreme lines and the light and dark coloring provide an extreme assortment of colors throughout the effect. Varied and quite close to the original material – the wood of the robinia is popular because of its beautiful and slender areas, the small number of knot patterns, and the fact that it’s almost indistinguishable from the acacia. There’s definitely a good reason why the Robinia is the tree of the year for 2020.

  • Decor type: Woodgrain Decor
  • Woodgrain type: Acacia/Elm
  • Application type: Furniture
  • Size: 645 x 1300 mm