Papua Palisander

Decor-Number: 14-24104-002

In China and South America, in particular, high-quality tropical woods such as rosewood are still a popular topic and can be found in design and interior design magazines as well as many areas of life. The Papua Rosewood decor goes well with classics. It has very typical features, such as a variety of colors, a striped appearance and cut flowers. Delineated by its fine lines in different colors and depths, the surface looks elegant and valuable due to the multitude of special components. A key characteristic: the drawing growth rings - they too make the decor exciting and lively! It works well in combination with modern furnishing elements and as an eye-catcher in smaller spaces.

  • Decor type: Woodgrain Decor
  • Woodgrain type: Exotic Wood
  • Application type: Furniture
  • Size: 678 x 1300 mm