Decor-Number: 14-54219-001

Do you associate sun, sand, and bright colors with Acapulco? If so, you can't go wrong by selecting this decor. The design is based on sandstone and has a sufficiently rich variety of colors throughout. Sand is composed of a variety of rocks and therefore contains a multitude of nuances. This is also true of the Acapulco decor. Particularly interesting: The focus is on the materiality and structural variability that are in the foreground. This is what makes Acapulco so versatile. Whether on furniture, in the kitchen or on facades – this decor captivates with a strong visual statement!

  • Decor type: Stone Decor
  • Stone type: Sandstone
  • Application type: Flooring
  • Size: 2235 x 1399 mm
  • Compound egde partner: MKT GmbH