Thansau , 21.06.2024

Dissolution Of the Participation: Schattdecor Sells Shares to Fine Decor GmbH

The surface specialist Schattdecor and the film manufacturer Fine Decor are ending their partnership. Schattdecor SE is selling its 50% stake to Fine Decor founder Hasan Sekmann. Ultimately, the investment in Fine Decor did not lead to the desired outcome, according to Roland Auer, CEO of Schattdecor SE.

“True to our motto ‘One Source. Unlimited Solutions.’, we have continuously expanded our product portfolio over the past decades. In particular, we see the processing of new substrates, such as thermoplastic surfaces, as a promising field with great potential for our customers,” says Auer.

Schattdecor continues to pursue its strategy of developing thermoplastic surfaces. The company will invest more in its own technology and infrastructure in this area and has already laid a solid foundation with its own successful brands such as the proven Smartflex Nature furniture film.

The most important thing now is to provide uninterrupted service to our customers and partners. As before, you can choose products from Schattdecor or purchase Fineflex directly from Fine Decor.