Worldwide , 23.04.2024

Global Essentials 2024

Our Global Top 7

We selected decors based on potential best-seller criteria and whose approval is already apparent. The result: Our Global Essentials 2024, the top 7 of the world's most popular decors with the greatest potential to become international bestsellers.


Global Essentials 2024

Our Global Essentials combine proven quality with timeless design. They are placed among different target groups in different regions of the world and enjoy a high level of acceptance and demand. They have also earned a reputation for trust, recognition and security through their presence in the market. Our Global Essentials are sustainable because they are long-lasting and reflect the spirit of the times. They have what it takes to be the next bestsellers.

Speaking of which: Our international design and sales teams have been gathering feedback for each market region. You will find a selection of the most promising local decors for each sales region in Global Essentials . Why did we take this approach? We'll tell you!

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Beginning May 6, 2024, visit us at and discover our new “Global Essentials 2024” Decor Selection.

Trends Overview

The top 7 decors include oak wood decors which continue to be in high demand, such as Schattdecor's Salvador Oak, but also other wood types, such as Bilbao Walnut. It’s been very popular since the last Sicam as a representative of the prevailing walnut trend. When it comes to stone decors, nature and the need for “mindful living” dominate. Decors such as Acapulco and Taj Mahal have received overwhelmingly positive feedback since their launch, due in part to their special naturalness and expressiveness. Other spectacular woodgrains, such as California Elm and Mont Blanc Chestnut, have also been well received by different target groups in different markets around the world. Of particular note is Riva, a cherry wood decor that is already in demand and used as an alternative to oak.



What do they all have in common? The trend is towards clean designs, less rustic, balanced and timeless. Nature is the trump card, so the decors have a restrained beauty, the delicacy and purity of which lie in the details and in the strong, planar effect.

Want to find out more?

Starting May 6, 2024, you will find Schattdecor's Global Essentials - the new top 7 decors - at The launch of the international campaign is scheduled for then.

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