Thansau, Germany , 05.07.2021

Manolo Durán wins the A' Design Award

Part of his creation: our surface decor "Catania Elegant"

The renowned A' Design Award is an award which recognizes internationally outstanding furniture design. Manolo Durán is one of the most famous freelance furniture designers in Spain. In 2021 he managed to receive the much-acclaimed silver award in the Furniture Design Competition category. This is great news for Schattdecor: in his winning entry, Durán worked with one of our decors.


Manolo Durán designed the Icon Bedroom for our mutual customer, the furniture manufacturer, Glicerio Chaves Hornero. Part of his design: our Catania Elegant decor, which we placed exclusively at Glicerio Chaves Hornero's disposal.

The Award Task

The task for bestowing the award was to find the perfect balance between design aesthetics, shape, materials and technologies. In addition, the end customer price for the handmade piece of furniture should remain reasonable, the visual impression should be very convincing, and the functionality particularly high. Overall, a real design challenge.


  • 113298-275704-icon-bedroom-image-1A.jpg
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The International Design Academy, like the grand jury of the A' Design Award & Competition (made up of members of the internationally influential press, established designers, leading academics and prominent business people), was won over by the Icon Bedroom.

Schattdecor extends its congratulations

Manolo Durán and our customer Glicerio Chaves are of course delighted with the winning participation and the recognition of the work that combines creativity and innovation. We congratulate warmly and are also very pleased that Manolo Durán has chosen one of our decors to complete his task.

"The best projects are usually developed with companies that are particularly close to the heart and with which you have a special relationship. It is the collaboration between the designer and the company that makes the project special. If this connection really works, it is visible in the result."
Manolo Duran Designer