Thansau , 13.11.2023

18 Years as Chief Technology Officer Ends in 2023

Roland Heeger passes CTO position to Claus Neuffer

Since May 2005, Roland Heeger has been the board member responsible for technology, research and development, innovation and process management, information technology and digitalization for Schattdecor.

In this role, he was largely responsible for the company's international growth through the expansion and construction of Schattdecor locations. Technological milestones, such as the development and introduction of digital printing, have set new standards and benchmarks in ​​decor printing and design. After 18 years as Chief Technology Officer, Roland Heeger leaves the Schattdecor Group in a stable position for a successful and competitive future . 

Roland Auer, CEO: “In almost two decades at Schattdecor, Roland Heeger has brought his department into a modern age with great dedication, in-depth specialist knowledge and the courage to try new things. Many great beacons mark his career path. We are very grateful to him for his exemplary commitment to the Schattdecor company and his pioneering spirit.”

Heeger and Neuffer

Heeger will pass on his position as Chief Technology Officer to Claus Neuffer. Neuffer has been with Schattdecor since March 2000 and is currently Head of Technology. With the handover, the board's technology department will also be expanded to include the area of ​​sustainability. As part of the restructuring, Information Technology will become the responsibility of Dr. Derick Beitel, Chief Financial Officer.

“On behalf of the entire board of directors, the supervisory board and the Schatt family, we wish Roland Heeger only the best for the future. We are sure that Claus Neuffer will continue to lead the technology department in his spirit and would like to warmly welcome him, a long-standing and experienced 'Schattdecorler', to the board," said Roland Auer.