Thansau/Cologne , 04.04.2023

„One Source. Unlimited Solutions.“

Schattdecor adds new products and partnerships to overall package

Schattdecor’s new partnerships, such as the merger with lacquered laminate specialist Fine Decor, or their cooperation with long-standing partner Hans Schmid Gronau, expand its overall package to include innovative, promising products for the future. Fineflex, manufactured together with Fine Decor in East Westphalia -- the heart of the German furniture and kitchen industry, is part of an industry-wide material evolution. Fineflex is an environmentally-friendly furniture surface that, depending on the design and color, consists of up to 80 percent recycled PET. It comes from Europe and is produced in Germany as part of the Finished Surfaces series. The sustainable surface is available with a printed decor, as a solid color surface, or with a metallic finish.

In recent years Schattdecor has made significant investments in the future  -- in addition to new products, new partnerships have been formed. Both contribute to the wide range of services offered by the surface specialist. “One Source. Unlimited Solutions.” Hans Schmid GmbH, in cooperation with Schattdecor, supply MFS Tec and MFS Touch.

Roland Auer, Schattdecor CEO: “In order to ensure change and a strong future together, you need reliable partners and visionaries. It takes courage, innovation, strength, and a stable, healthy economic foundation. Thanks to our worldwide network of production sites and partners, we can offer our customers a comprehensive package with all the necessary components from the start of product development. We stand for quality, variety, tradition, and individualized service. Now and in the future. That is why we have expanded our line to include new decors, additional products, and future-oriented partnerships for our global customers.”

New Trend Concept //FREIRAUM// as a Further Component in the Total Package

"Freiraum creates unlimited space for creativity and innovation. Intellectually and artistically . What does that mean for the future? Anything is possible now.” Schattdecor announces its twentieth year as an Interzum exhibitor with the launch of its new trend concept, //FREIRAUM//.

From May 9th to 12th, 2023, customers and visitors can experience how the boundaries between designated living zones are disappearing. Schattdecor will be in Hall 6, C20/E29. Forms, colors, and trends for living, working and public areas come from both the analog and digital worlds today. The future knows no borders.


“If we want to create something new, we must break away from old paradigms. Rethink progress and innovation, and work together. This requires a long-term common commitment, and a new sense of togetherness. The path to the future is a relay race, not an individual sprint. Today we have new creative and technological possibilities at our disposal,” says Claudia Küchen.

This scenario creates a strong demand within the market as well. “We are already experiencing a material evolution in our industry. Along our value chain, clever minds are working on updated substrates, using cutting-edge resources to do so, and producing a first generation of products that herald long-term solutions,” says Küchen.

Would you like to know more about Schattdecor’s innovations in the areas of product, design, and service before Interzum? Schattdecor's social media channels will be kept up-to-date with fresh trade fair content, or check the constantly evolving landing page at While there, customers and interested parties can register for the new trend book in advance.

Vaia is the key decor for this year's trade fair concept, a bold example of the trend motto //FREIRAUM//. It represents a heightened awareness of the environment and nature among consumers. Digitally-created shapes and a gold effect create a unique, modern, and flowing interpretation of green vegetation. Vaia embodies the merging of all areas of life, creating new intellectual and creative freedom.