São José dos Pinhais , 07.12.2022

Schattdecor expands its impregnation capacity

The surface specialist positions itself as the largest independent impregnation company in Latin America

The surface specialist, Schattdecor, has increased its impregnation capacities in Latin America to 220 million square meters per year. The company has positioned itself as the largest independent on-site impregnation company in the region.

Schattdecor do Brasil announces the commissioning of its new PMI XXIII impregnation line as well as an additional new resin reactor. Schattdecor’s site now has a total of five impregnation channels and two resin reactors. With an annual capacity of 220 million square meters per year, Schattdecor has become the largest independent impregnation company in Latin America.

This shows that the international company believes in the region’s potential, in the growth of its customers and in the creation of new markets. The investment was driven by customer and market requirements. According to the management, the company wants to focus on offering products and solutions that stand out for their flexibility and competitiveness.




“In the last two years we have installed two additional, state-of-the-art impregnation channels which enabled us to more than double our production capacity compared to 2020. In addition, we were able to triple our production capacity for resins and additives. In this way, we are able to guarantee that the market will be supplied for the next five years. We are prepared for growth in the sector, even in times defined by market fluctuations and instability,” emphasizes Gerson Souza, Industrial Director of Schattdecor do Brasil.