Impregnated Surfaces with extra hygiene protection

Thanks to our extensive partner network, we have been providing customers from all sectors with individualized complete solutions for a long time. In cooperation with our partners we also offer our product line, Impregnated Surfaces (Decolay Classic, Decolay Real and Teclay Overlay), in an antibacterial and/or antimicrobial version. The hygienic effect is achieved by adding a special additive, which does not alter the basic characteristics of our product nor its quality. Rather, it gives it an additional value from which you will benefit in the long run.

What advantages do antibacterial/antimicrobial surfaces have?

Antibacterial and/or antimicrobial surfaces inhibit the formation and growth of bacteria and harmful microorganisms. They reduce the formation of odors and provide additional hygiene protection.

Application fields

This hygiene effect is particularly suitable for frequently touched surfaces, both in private and public areas.

  • public transportation
  • restaurants / coffee shops / bars
  • hotels
  • medical areas / laboratories
  • workplace / office
  • kitchen (worktops and fronts)
  • bathroom

One Source. Unlimited Solutions.

The complete package for extra hygiene protection: If requested, we will make a pre-selection of suitable additive suppliers from our competent and extensive network.

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