Caravan Selection 2024/2025


Many people appreciate the feeling of independence when traveling. They want to recalibrate their senses and feel themselves again. As an antidote to the big city, they want to be anchored in something real. So the desire to be alone leads them outside. Their fully equipped, comfortable motorhome decouples them from the pace of the mainstream and gives them plenty of time for outdoor activities in the open air.

They consciously choose nature as the backdrop for their lifestyle; autonomy and self-sufficiency are their compass. Regardless of the seasons and times of year, they seek silence, space, and fresh, clean air. They feel alive and draw energy from movement and sensory experiences.



Our Caravan Selection 24/25 gives space to the independence-loving nature of these travelers and brings the colors and elements of nature into the interior of the motorhome: Get to know our INDEPENDENT design world!


INDEPENDENT – Completely in Nature

"When traveling, we want to be independent of infrastructure and supply stations. Because we are looking for active experiences in nature. Being alone, in solitude, in movement, we gradually find our way back to ourselves. Unconventional days in the open air are immeasurably valuable to us. We ground ourselves, process the stress of everyday life and strengthen our resources. What do we need for this? Freedom. Horizons. And the certainty that we don't have to worry about anything right now."


The Colors and Materials for INDEPENDENT

The colors and materials of the Caravan Selection 24/25 respond to the longing for naturalness, movement and focus. Wood and stone harmonize with lamella and subtle fantasy decors. Authentic natural tones allow people to take the lead and give space to active living.

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"The INDEPENDENT design is natural and modern. Our decor selection creates a sense of security inside the motorhome and supports the lifestyle of people for whom independence is important."
Elisabeth Kätzl Designer at Schattdecor

This Decor Selection Creates INDEPENDENT

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