Pietra Piasentina

Decor-Number: 14-54074-001

Elegant and trendy: the look of the stone decor is much in demand. Classically usable in the kitchen and bathroom or as a worktop, but also in gentle and large wall panels. The name corresponds to that of its real material cousin. The design looks slightly grainy and it has very fine veins running through it, which ensures its naturalness and authenticity. Due to its evenness and restraint, the stone decor can also be used wonderfully as a front and can be beautifully combined, even with more expressive woods. A decor with potential to become a classic!

  • Decor type: Stone Decor
  • Stone type: Granite
  • Application type: Furniture
  • Size: 670 x 1300 mm
  • Compound egde partner: MKT GmbH