Thansau , 16.04.2024

Schattdecor presents the Caravan Selection 24/25

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Surrounded by nature - the Caravan Selection 24/25 decor selection is aimed at travelers who love independence, nature, and outdoor activities.

The Launch of Caravan Selection 24/25

We have developed the new Caravan Selection 2024/25 based on extensive trend and target group research. This selection is tailored to the needs of the caravanning industry.

INDEPENDENT - Surrounded by Nature

This year's INDEPENDENT decor selection also supports our industry partners with recommendations that meet the caravan interior design needs of different types of people. After all, as individual as travel experiences are, so are the demands that travelers place on their home on wheels.

The Main Thing is Independence!

With this year's Caravan Selection, we are responding to the design wishes of target groups for whom one thing is particularly important: their own independence. These people value being able to move around in nature for extended periods of time without having to worry about supplies. They value solitude, outdoor activities, flora and fauna.

Their destinations are, for example, the Nordic countries, where they are allowed to stay away from campsites and pitches. On the technical side, these travelers are interested in high-quality vehicle equipment that supports their self-sufficiency in every respect.

The INDEPENDENT Color Palette

Inside their mobile retreats, however, they want a feel-good atmosphere that is as natural as it is modern, with colors and materials that match their aesthetic preferences.

For this reason, we have designed the Caravan Selection 24/25 to be completely natural yet modern. Wood and stone harmonize with lamella and subtle, sometimes metallic fantasy decors. We based the color palette on the moods of nature.

Elisabeth Kätzl, designer of the INDEPENDENT design world, explains: "The INDEPENDENT design is natural and modern. Our decor selection creates a sense of security inside the caravan and supports the lifestyle of people for whom independence is important."

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