Thansau , 11.03.2022

Foil in Stock

Schattdecor Prime Collection now available

The Schattdecor stock collection "Prime Collection" with 63 selected decors in Smartflex and Smartfoil versions is now available at


Due to its properties, Smartflex is very well suited for use in the bathroom or kitchen. The newly added color combinations Midnight Blue and Pure Graphite complement the collection with further shades. All collection colors are available as MAT+ with an anti-fingerprint surface.


Smartfoil Finishfoils stand for a natural surface with optical and haptic effects. In the Prime Collection, they are divided into the four sections Trend, Express, Nonstop and Uni, which mainly differ in terms of their delivery times.


When selecting the decors, Schattdecor focused on current furnishing trends and the corresponding market requirements of our customers. Some highlights from the collection:

Flagstaff Oak
Karlstad Oak


A decor in line with the trend of the times. In the furniture sector in particular, there is a demand for irregular, handcrafted fabrics for use on cabinet back panels or door elements, which appear very natural due to their irregularity. The Kalamos decor can be used in a variety of ways and across living areas in combination with wood decors or plain colors.

Atlas Cedar

The predominantly striped cedar wood structure with small twigs and cut floral sections lends furniture and doors a special elegance. Thanks to a clear grain and gentle color transitions, Atlas Cedar has a harmonious character that is emphasized by combinations with neutral solid colors.

Flagstaff Oak

This rustic Interzum Award winner highlights the wood cracks with pewter colors, giving an innovative boost to the idiosyncratic beauty of reclaimed wood.

Karlstad Oak

Its structure has many elements typical of oak wood and impresses with its natural 3D effect. It has the potential to be the fitting successor to the long-running Sonoma Oak.

In addition, there is a wide range of plain films available, many of which are offered with a deep matt finish and anti-fingerprint effect.


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