Thansau / Germany , 29.03.2021

Good result thanks to the furnishing boom

Schattdecor satisfied with the 2020 financial year

The company, with 16 locations worldwide currently, was able to report a preliminary group-wide total turnover of 720 million euros in total. Compared to the previous year: in 2019 turnover was 764 million euros. The decline is due to the first phase of the global pandemic, during which operations at some locations had to be partially suspended for a longer period due to tightened restrictions. According to Roland Auer, CEO of Schattdecor AG, the race to catch up has already begun.

Auer: “We are very satisfied with the preliminary annual result. With a manageable minus compared to the previous year and sales of more than 700 million euros, we have achieved good numbers in terms of operating performance. COVID has led to a sustained boom in our industry. The decisive reason for this was that people had to stay home for many weeks, couldn't travel or go out. Instead, the expenses saved were often used to remodel or renovate their own four walls. The home has been given a new ranking, an even higher priority."

Especially in finished surfaces, much that we have done was good and the losses that occurred at the beginning of the year were largely balanced out. In the lacquering segment, it was possible even to gain from quantities. There also remains huge potential for the impregnation segment despite the slump in 2020.

In numbers, that means: we have grown in finished surfaces. Whereas a result of 710 million square meters was reported in 2019, according to preliminary evaluations, around 740 million square meters of decor paper were reported in the finished segment, i.e. impregnated and lacquered paper, in 2020.

This provides one more reason for the surface specialist to invest money again in 2021 at its impregnation and lacquering locations around the world. In Poland and in Lexington, USA, investments are being made for each location to receive a new lacquering line, and Brazil and Malaysia will each receive an additional impregnation channel. In Brazil, demand is even expected to be so great that yet another channel is already on order.

"Let's take a look now at the Schattdecor Group: In Russia, we would like to match the impregnation quantity of the previous year's level from 2019. At Saintdecor in China, all signs point to growth. At our impregnation location in Malaysia, which has officially been renamed Schattdecor since January, we see a lot of market potential in the planned expansion of the machinery. In addition, our two plants in the US also merged at the beginning of 2021. Schattdecor Maryland Heights and US Coating are now running under the uniform name of Schattdecor Inc. The integration of our two acquisitions from 2019 is now fully complete."

Capacity utilization has decreased in the printing product area. Instead of 112,700 tons, Schattdecor now only has 104,300 tons of sales.

“In the area of ​​printing, the pandemic has had the greatest impact on sales development so far. We also see major regional differences there. However, the extremely successful market development in Turkey, for example, is encouraging. Here our colleagues managed to grow the business by more than 20 percent even during this period," said Roland Auer.

Basically, it can be said that it is thanks to group-wide strength, a stable financial foundation and the wide range of products and services that have been expanded over the years, that despite pandemic-related restrictions, we have come through the crisis in such a solid way.  Together we see new opportunities in the challenges of the time, which we have to take advantage of and for which we have to prepare. That is why Schattdecor is investing in growth, especially in times of this current change, at the locations, but also at the company headquarters in Thansau.

Because of the growth of the group, the demands on the parent company have also increased, says Auer. Many segments that are so important to the Group have been expanded. Today we are reaching our limits in terms of capacity and we have to create space for the future.

Together with the Schatt family, it was therefore decided to expand the Thansau location, the group’s flagship. In spring (mid-March), construction work on an additional administration building will begin at the headquarters in the Rosenheim district, which will also be the home for the family holding company. A very important sign for the employees at the headquarters: knowing that the owners are close to their hearts.

Roland Auer, CEO of Schattdecor AG: “With the new building, we are creating additional modern office and meeting rooms, but also more flexibility in terms of responsiveness. We are investing in the future and in our competitiveness. So we're already looking forward today, to the completion of the new building in 2023. We are also planning to enlarge our showroom for a contemporary, modern appearance and make it ideal for customer presentations. The aim is to edit this to the latest requirements and to convince in face of the competition."

Claudia Küchen, Head of Design and Marketing, adds: “With this concept we want to demonstrate our competence and competitiveness and strengthen our common goal: Existing and new customers should choose Schattdecor. That secures our future as a team at the Thansau location and worldwide."

Finally, for the 2020 financial year, CEO Roland Auer adds, daring an optimistic look into the future: “As a group, thanks to our international presence in all world markets, we remain capable of action and reaction even in dynamic times. That is why we will invest another 50 million euros in the expansion of locations and capacities in the coming year and continue to work on the development of new decors and products. As designers for living spaces, we want to remain the first port of call for customers!”