The Prime Collection 2021 is here!

Trend-oriented, versatile, quickly deliverable and flexible

The Prime Collection 2021 stock collection, which is divided into five categories, is now available from the Głuchołazy warehouse (our Schattdecor location in Poland).  Schattdecor customers can implement their projects with this large selection of finish foil decors without long waiting times and with attractive conditions.

All five categories of the Prime Collection at a glance

In 2021, the "Prime Collection" will present a total of five categories, each with individual, fast delivery times:



Short lead time. Available quickly.

All Prime Collection decors are quickly available from stock with a short lead time and cover a wide range of different colors and surface effects.




The new products this year include the new surface category SMARTFLEX, the two versions „Pure Black“ and „Pure White“ are now an integral part of the Prime Collection.




Inspirational Smartfoil classics: TREND, EXPRESS, NONSTOP AND UNI

In addition to SMARTFLEX, the Prime Collection continues to include the four classic master collections TREND, EXPRESS, NONSTOP and UNI with SMARTFOIL decors that are quickly available from stock. Here, too, the delivery time is between three and fourteen working days.

TREND! Special highlights of the Prime Collection 2021

With this year's relaunch of the Prime Collection, the selected TREND decors come into the limelight. Because they represent the zeitgeist and anticipate new consumer demand in the near and intermediate future.

The new Prime Collection product folder contains an inspiration card for each TREND decor in order to visualize the respective design in use. They should encourage you to think beyond the product and find creative new combination options.

Selected TREND highlights from the Prime Collection 2021

Blackboard and Whiteboard

The innovative finish foil decors "Whiteboard" and "Blackboard" transform the surfaces of furniture fronts or doors into whiteboards or chalk boards, on which you can write with felt pen or chalk. Ideal, for example, for creative ambience or for children's furniture.


Flagstaff Oak and Evoke Eiche

The two characterful oak decors Flagstaff Oak and Evoke Oak are right on trend. The cracks in the wood of Flagstaff Oak are contrasted by a metal pigment in the shade of pewter.

And the Evoke Oak decor also gains its authenticity through natural cracks and knots. In combination with concrete or metal structures, it conveys an industrial loft atmosphere.


Rovere Otello and Sibiu Lärche

The Rovere Otello décor, with its significant structure of wooden slats, corresponds to the current trend towards grooved surfaces, which has captured the hearts of consumers worldwide. It comes into its own on large fronts and door surfaces and is perfectly complemented by wood decors or plain colors. The Sibiu Larch decor is based on stained larch wood. Its subtle charm works both on large door surfaces and on very narrow frame profiles.