Thansau , 07.10.2021

Schattdecor AG takes a stake in Fine Decor GmbH

Schattdecor now offers its customers environmentally friendly monochrome and printed PET films for furniture surfaces

News from Schattdecor and Fine Decor: With the merger of the two market leaders, the companies are relying on the symbiosis of many years of decor and design expertise and an innovative, sustainable substrate in the form of recycled PET film. "We are joining forces to offer the industry a unique, future-oriented, and sustainable product that offers innovative solutions for demanding customer needs," says the management of both companies.

Fine Decor produces and refines sustainable plain lacquer laminate surfaces on a PET basis for the kitchen and furniture industry. The decorative film manufacturer has developed its own technology with a production cycle, which enables the recycled material to be used to produce a plain color or a furniture surface with a decor print. Even rejects are fed back into the company's own manufacturing process and completely processed. The sustainable surface is elastic, moisture-resistant, and, due to its composition, offers an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional thermoforming films. In addition, it is extremely durable, scratch-resistant, impressive because of its special anti-fingerprint property, and also has a particularly pleasant feel.

With the 50 percent stake in Fine Decor, Schattdecor will expand its product portfolio in the area of ​​Finished Surfaces and in the future will also print and refine PET-based films for its customers. The first joint product will be marketed by both companies under the name Fineflex.

The film manufacturer, Fine Decor, is euphoric about the upcoming joint steps and future projects. Hasan Sekmann, company founder Fine Decor: “It is an enrichment for us to have a partner like Schattdecor at our side who, like us, has a vision of growth, progress and innovative developments with sustainable added value. With our European production capabilities, we will provide secure, stable supply chains for our customers, and, thanks to this local added value, we are a reliable partner for the furniture industry. Together we can shape the future—because, literally, this is where design expertise, state-of-the-art technologies and inventive talent come together. We are united by our passion, motivation, and a network that has been built up over the years."

Roland Auer, Chief Executive Officer of Schattdecor AG: “Through our partnership with Fine Decor, we are continuing to invest in our mission: “One Source. Unlimited Solutions.”

We offer contemporary, innovative solutions “made in Germany” and strengthen each other with our expertise and our existing network. With Fine Decor we have found a partner who shares our passion for people, products, and our vision of the future."

"That is exactly what the industry needs now," says Claudia Küchen, Chief Creative Officer. “With this symbiosis, we serve both: the need for first-class print quality, paired with a trendy design and a recycled substrate that meets the ever-increasing environmental demands in Europe. With our in-house developments and new products on environmentally friendly, formaldehyde-free thermoplastics, we have determined where we should go. We are now taking the next step towards the future,” added Küchen.

Frank Schumacher, Chief Sales Officer, added: “The market is ready for new, sustainably produced surfaces. We, at Schattdecor, have been looking for alternative substrates to the predominantly paper-based decor business for some time. With Hasan Sekmann and his team at Fine Decor, we have found the perfect partner for the implementation of our product strategy."

The film manufacturer Fine Decor was founded in 2004 and is one of the leading companies in its industry in the area of lacquer laminates. With its technologies and innovative strength, Fine Decor not only reacts quickly to the demands of the market but is always ahead of trends. International customers from over 20 countries around the world now count on them.

Both companies, Fine Decor and Schattdecor, pursue the same demands for sustainable, environmentally friendly production of their products and are continuously working on expanding their product portfolio and customer service.