Bielefeld , 22.06.2022


So beautifully sustainable: new solid colors for PET-based furniture

After the merger of the two companies in autumn 2021, Schattdecor and Fine Decor are launching their first joint Fineflex collection. They are offering customers an even larger selection of environmentally friendly furniture surfaces that are "Made in Germany". The sustainable décor surfaces are produced in the heart of the German furniture and kitchen industry at Fine Decor in Ölde. The new collection will include a total of 14 solid colors.

This collection is made in Germany using a sustainable manufacturing process. Thanks to this method, recycled PET can be reprocessed to cultivate environmentally friendly furniture surfaces. The new collection will soon be supplemented with printed PET furniture surfaces with décor designs supplied by Schattdecor as it incorporates decades of expertise, supplemented by a feel for trends and the market into this endeavor.

Since June 2022, customers have been able to discover this complete package live at Fine Decor in the showroom in Bielefeld where both companies opened their first joint showroom. Segments of the new Fineflex collection, as well as the new Schattdecor Decor Selection "Global Essentials", will be on display.

Customers, along with the press, were invited to the grand opening ceremony on June 21, 2022 in Bielefeld. Under the motto "Time for the future", the colorful half-day program focused on sustainability, long-lasting design, dominant trends and the answer to the questions “Why is everyone talking about the future?” and “What solutions does the industry have to offer?”. New approaches were presented by featured speaker, Tristan Horx, millennial and successful entrepreneur, who sketched a picture of his view of a possible future.

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The management of both companies is certain that it is time to break new ground for the future and to work on products that are beautiful and sustainable.

Check out the new Fineflex collection online at: or contact us directly.

You can also find the latest trends and decor innovations, along with a lot of storytelling, at The Schattdecor top ten with international bestseller potential, "Global Essentials" for 2022/2023, awaits you here.