International , 22.03.2021

Schattdecor launches new website

Enhanced decorfinder and new online magazine:

Get Inspired – Get INSIGHTS

With an optimized Decorfinder and new storytelling, we now offer even more digital information and advice on all aspects of our decors, surfaces and their creation.

How? With a global, completely modernized, nine-language website. The homepage for the website is designed to be international and user-friendly in every detail. We offer our customers additional added value online: for example our optimized Decorfinder and new storytelling in the form of our online magazine, INSIGHTS by Schattdecor.

With both, we can offer our customers better orientation and more choices, input, and stories. The search function has become more targeted and the overall experience is optimized. We are able to address long-term customers or new indirect target groups and offer them a contemporary appearance. Dekore, Designs & Trends as well as News can be found with one click.

Enhanced Decorfinder

At the heart of our website, the Decorfinder offers an optimal product experience and now includes extensive decor pages. They contain the usual content such as decor descriptions and collection colors, but also extra material on the history of how the décor was created, room visualizations, as well as other interesting information about the concept, design and material. Also brand new: In addition to the selected decor, other similar or matching decors are automatically suggested.

New industry platform online: Our INSIGHTS magazine by Schattdecor

The editorial novelty of the website is our internationally oriented magazine Magazin INSIGHTS by Schattdecor with design input from all over the world, exciting stories about the creation of decors, designs or surface developments, as well as successful customer projects and references. This is the format we will use in the future to tell the big and small stories that move our customers, our industry partners and our global Schattdecor family.

In our articles we allow very different authors and interview partners to have their say. They illuminate industry topics from various angles, tell a story about how a décor was created and introduce us to inspiring design topics, trends and innovations. We dare to look beyond the industry and our own products - we bring together for you what is crucial for new developments and success. Last but not least, in the magazine we will take a very specific look at how and where our surfaces make living environments more beautiful.

Corporate website areas

We want to convey the success story of Schattdecor to our customers all over the world on company-relevant website areas. While being supported by a design-oriented visual aesthetic, we tell what our decors, our portfolio, our passions are, why, for example, our employees have been with us in the company for an average of 14 years, why we have been growing continuously for so many years and how our mission will lead us into the future. Under referenzes, we provide insights into many success stories that we have mastered together with our customers and partners.

Improved customer journey

It was also important to us to improve the digital, GDPR-compliant user experience with the website relaunch. The site is now also up-to-date for use on mobile devices. We have tidied up the website structure and made it more intuitively designed. The streamlined navigation, including supportive footer navigation and the clear character of the individual website areas, guide the target groups in an ideal way.

Revised career area

Would you like to work for us? We have just the thing for you. Explore our site and surf the new career area. Potential employees all over the world will find useful and interesting information on the Schattdecor preferred location, the application process there and the HR contacts on site. With the help of geotargeting, we control the streamlined, completely rewritten and country-specific cross-media content in a regionally targeted manner. This saves our international, multilingual audience a great deal of time.

Optimized content

We also reflected intensively on the subject of communication. On the one hand, it was important to us to explain our profound design and high-tech know-how to industry insiders and outsiders even more clearly and in greater detail in the future. On the other hand, we wanted to direct the light beam - in addition to the German headquarters in Thansau - even more specifically onto our locations and representative offices, through which we can be reached by our customers on every continent. We are particularly pleased that we let people who work in our company around the world have their own say in many areas and express their own ideas.

Today is the time to innovate. With the relaunch at the beginning of the year, we would like to use the digital momentum of the last few months. Through this new website, we are creating our own, revised platform for digital competition and increased digital communication. All of this in a trade fair year that is so important for us - also and precisely because it will be different this year. The competition will take place on our own as well as on external exhibition platforms and websites. That is why we are now launching our revised digital presence, which offers new added value for direct and indirect customers, as a complement to the familiar product experience.