Schattdecor starts construction of new building

New building in Thansau, Schattdecor, space for the future

The family-run company, Schattdecor, from Thansau started its planned new building at the headquarters of the global decor printer in the Rosenheim district in March 2021. During a construction phase planned over two years, the intention is to construct a four-storey office building on 1,800 square meters, connected to the current existing building, and to complete it by the second quarter of 2023.

Roland Auer, CEO of Schattdecor AG: “We are consciously investing in growth. We believe in the heart of the group, the headquarters in Thansau. The expansion will create space for the future and progress."

Wherever capacity limits are reached, it will be possible to use the newly created space to rectify the situation and to restructure in a way that makes sense in terms of space, says Auer. In addition, premises are also planned for Retis Holding. Auer: “As a family-run company, we benefit from a strong family of owners who will also physically find their home at the headquarters in the future.  A strong and positive sign for our entire team!"

The local medium-sized company, true to its corporate culture, places great emphasis on construction that is as harmonious as possible with people and nature and should accordingly be carried out with the least possible impact.

Claus Neuffer, Head of Technology: “We have decided to build where our project has the least impact on residents and nature. In addition, together with an architectural firm, we have designed a concept with which we can create natural compensation areas, for example in the form of extensive roof greening. The trees that already exist will also be retained and simply relocated. Later they are intended to become part of a large orchard and flower meadow."

The construction site is located next to the reception area. It is currently assumed that the location will not cause any excessive noise pollution for residents or employees, but there will be increased truck traffic due to the construction work.

Neuffer: “We will use a construction site notice board to sensitize residents and road users to this issue and provide detailed information on the key data for the construction and the schedule. In addition, I am personally available as a contact person for any questions."