Schattdecor do Brasil:

Expansion of impregnation capacities

Schattdecor to further expand its impregnation capacities in Brazil

Two impregnation channels and a resin reactor for the impregnation plant in São José dos Pinhais

Schattdecor invests in two additional impregnation channels at the São José dos Pinhais site. The surface specialist will further expand its on-site impregnation capacities to five machines. One channel is currently under construction, after being delayed due to corona. The investment was made in 2019. When it is commissioned, the channel's production will be 8 feet wide. The company expects completion of the installation to take place in the first quarter of 2021. 

Due to the promising potential in the market, another channel is to follow.

Roland Heeger, Chief Technology Officer: “A fifth impregnation channel has already been ordered and is expected to be ready for production in the first quarter of 2022. The additional machine is also an 8-foot channel. In this way we are increasing our impregnation capacities on site, adapting to the market’s needs."

Flavio Lufchitz, Managing Director Schattdecor do Brasil: “We currently have a production capacity of 160 million m² per year, are planning sustainable growth, and we always have best quality of service to our customers in mind. As part of the new investments, our production capacity will increase to more than 220 million m² per year. With the second resin reactor, we can completely cover our melamine requirements through our own production."

The second resin reactor was commissioned in 2020 and is to be installed before the second new impregnation channel becomes operational.