We reached a technological milestone by introducing digital printing – for our customers, and us as well. We’re currently the only company printing digitally at a width of 7.38 feet (2.25 meters) with a physical resolution of up to 1,200 x 1,200 dots per inch

at a speed of up to 531.50 feet (162 meters) per minute. This allows us to respond flexibly and create additional printing advantages in terms of quantity, dimensions and design.


By commissioning our industrial digital printing system Palis 2250 in 2016, we've managed to set a significant technological milestone within the industry. The system sets new standards in terms of print width, speed and resolution, and was designed and implemented specifically for Schattdecor by a team of external and internal specialists within three years.

The main goal was to define the technological parameters required for industrial use and to implement them in practice. The advantages are greater flexibility, additional options in terms of quantity, dimensions and design, and an expanded range of products for long-standing customers and new target groups.

To date, Schattdecor is the only printing company capable of printing digitally at up to 531.50 feet (162 meters) per minute, over a width of 7.38 feet (2.25 meters), with a physical resolution of up to 1,200 x 1,200 dots per inch.

More variety and individuality

Like many other industries, over the past decade we’ve faced and continue to face the challenge of ensuring our customers benefit from the advantages of digitalization.  There’s increasing demand for more innovation, flexibility, and minimization of risk. Our industry continues to demand varied and individualized decors.

That’s why we made a conscious decision, at an early stage, to move towards digitalization and remain at the forefront of our industry. As global market leader, it makes sense for us to continuously work on new solutions.

Innovation is the answer

Since 2009, we’ve relied on the option of printing decors digitally, and presented our Digital Visions collection at Interzum in the same year. In 2013, we made the substantial decision to invest further in digital high-tech and the future of digital printing. Our machine manufacturers and an internal project group have worked on this major project and defined new standards. Our goal is extra added value for our customers. 

Today, we satisfy the demands of individual designs better than ever before. The benefits for our customers are greater decor variety, new design options and repeat sizes, plus a larger color space and very high resolution. The result is a wide color variety and outstanding print quality that seamlessly follows that of gravure printing and flows perfectly into the processes of our customers in the wood-based products industry. This enables us to provide additional options and realize special projects.


Outstanding properties: Fast, flexible and efficient

With our industrial digital printing system, we've paved the way for this future technology. Adapted to the demands of the industry and internal standards, our single-pass inkjet printing system PALIS 2250 is located in one of our production halls at our headquarters in Thansau. From conception to implementation and commissioning, the costs amounted to around twice that of a gravure printer.

Compared to other systems on the market, it reaches a record speed of up to 531.50 feet (162 meters) per minute over a maximum width of 7.38 feet (2.25 meters) – 80 water-cooled print heads shoot 25.5 billion ink droplets per second onto the paper. Per second, data volumes of up to 6 GB are printed, at a physical resolution of up to 1200 x 1200 dpi. Combined this is still a novelty in our industry!

In terms of design, our customers are no longer held back by cylinder circumferences, providing additional creative freedom. Further outstanding new achievements are multicolor printing and the mix of different materials and designs.

Tailor-made solutions via digital “pattern”

Digital printing has also another highlight. At Interzum 2019, Schattdecor presented a piece of furniture with components that have been printed from individual digital data, similar to a furniture pattern – resulting in an extremely life-like decor container.

"We’ve always talked about decors being pieces of clothing for furniture – they are the surface, they dress the furniture. Here, digital printing allows us to achieve perfect results. Individual furniture components can be reproduced on a digital file, so that they finally form a whole.”

Claudia Küchen | Chief Creative Officer Schattdecor Germany



Claudia Küchen

Standardizing digital printing

Digital printing is now part of our industry: Today, we provide digital printing in industrial batch sizes as standard. The minimum order quantity is 551.16 pounds (250 kilograms) or 43055.64 square feet (4,000 square meters) per decor and color. We also provide large formats

with printing lengths of up to 16.40 feet (5 meters) without repetition. In digital printing, in contrast to rotogravure printing, we’re no longer limited by cylinder dimensions. We can also print up to four decors one after the other on a so-called rainbow roll.