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Are you a student interested in gaining your first professional experience in a varied and exciting working environment at an internationally successful European family-owned company? If so, introduce yourself, and get to know both of our Polish Schattdecor locations – Tarnowo Podgórne and Głuchołazy!

Schattdecor in a nutshell

Welcome to Schattdecor, the surface specialist. Our international family-owned company is the global market leader in decor printing and has been supplying customers from many industries with high-quality decors and products, sophisticated advice and reliable service since its foundation in 1985. Schattdecor's headquarters is located in Thansau, Germany.

Our surfaces can be found all over the world: For furniture think of IKEA. Another example is laminate flooring. Our surfaces also play an important role in caravan interiors and in public spaces.

Schattdecor Głuchołazy

Internships at Schattdecor

Mitarbeiter Schattdecor Polen

Every year, students from various subject areas gain their first working world experience by being interns at our company. Find out how to apply your acquired knowledge and skills within our daily processes.

We want to really get to know you. We will speak to each applicant individually in order to create a custom plan for your internship We believe it's important to give you feedback via real tasks, so that you can prepare for professional activities in the near future.

To arrange an internship, email Rafał Kubowicz, or

Launch your career at Schattdecor!

Mitarbeiterin bei Schattdecor in Polen

We always look forward to meeting students who are interested in launching their career at our company. For many years, we've been supporting students' education and training, from various facilities including the University of Arts in Poznan.

You'll be completing the "Education and Design" program (PE-P) at the Faculty of Architecture and Design. This will provide you with extensive expertise in production technology, prepare you for working with entrepreneurs and customers, and convey the design potential of the university to our industrial partners.

PE-P enables students to take part in prototyping projects under production conditions.

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Launching your career at Schattdecor will open many doors for you throughout your career. Successfully completing your studies will give you the opportunity to pursue lucrative career opportunities, both at Schattdecor and throughout the industry!

So, introduce yourself! We’re looking forward to getting to know you, and to finding out more about you and your talents. Do you have any special technical skills? Perfect, tell us more. Do you speak any languages in addition to Polish? This is ideal, as our main corporate language is German. English language skills are also in great demand as we have locations on every continent.

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Do you have more questions? Contact us at any time.

As soon as you're ready, send in your application with your cover letter, CV and certificates – we also welcome unsolicited applications. Simply send an email to

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