Thansau , 05.04.2021

Schattdecor recognized for its voluntary environmental performance

Bavarian State Ministry presents Environmental and Climate Pact certificate

On April 5, 2021, Simon Hausstetter, 1st Mayor of the municipality of Rohrdorf, on behalf of the Bavarian State Ministry for the Environment and Consumer Protection, paid tribute to Schattdecor, the international market leader in decor printing, for its contribution to the Bavarian Environmental and Climate Pact. Since 1995, the Bavarian State Government and its partners have pursued the goal of advancing environmental and climate protection in companies and motivating them beyond just the legal requirements.

"Sustainability and environmental protection are part of our entrepreneurial self-image and a commitment that is still one of the most important foundations of the company's success," says Roland Heeger, CTO at Schattdecor. "That's why, for example, photovoltaic systems can be found at the Thansau site on the roofs of the production halls, which already supply three printing presses with green energy. This is in addition to a flowering meadow, a bee house and a sustainable concept for the new office building," says Johannes Osterhammer, technical project manager at the Thansau location. He emphasizes the significance of these measures, saying, "The importance of climate protection is also evidenced by the interest of our customers, who want a product that is as climate-neutral as possible." It is precisely this "more" commitment that has now been awarded by the Bavarian State Government.

Roland Heeger (CTO), Simon Hausstetter (Mayor Rohrdorf) and Jo Osterhammer at the presentation of the Environmental and Climate Pact certificate.

"We municipalities are also playing an increasingly important role in climate protection, which is now controlled by administrators across all departments. We are perceiving an increase in importance amongst the population, which gives us, as well as companies like Schattdecor, more space to pass on our own successes in environmental protection and energy-efficient production to others," added Simon Hausstetter when handing over the certificate. He finds it impressive that Schattdecor has made sustainability a central theme since the company was founded in 1985. Even then, the production of decorative paper was based exclusively on environmentally friendly high-tech products made from natural raw materials such as water, casein and organic pigments. At the time this was contrary to the market, contrary to the competition, could lead to possible failure. "But it was precisely this decision that laid one of the foundations of today's success. Motivated by the dynamics of the energy transition, we set out in 2013 in search of potential further savings, more efficient utilization of our production machines and the optimization of the printing process," says Heeger, who accepted the award and adds that this shows that climate protection is understood by Schattdecor to be a continuous process. "Finding potential savings and implementing creative ideas to protect our environment is part of our daily work. Only in this way can sustainable involvement function in an industrial company".