Why Our Living Space Is Now More of a “Safe Space”

Feel Your Own Home

During the pandemic many people were suddenly spending a lot of time at home. In response, Design has given us new approaches by which we can enjoy a greater sense of security and peace in our Safe Space. Whether the company or home office, the visual and haptic value added is an advantage.

Unexpectedly our offices, the classrooms of our children, the gym, the restaurant, the cinema and the café – all now occupied our living space. From one day to the next our private lives felt taken over, becoming much too cramped.

Canyon Flagstaff Oak, 14-10412-001
In cooperation with the “Academy of Fine Arts” in Poznan / Poland, the Amazonas design was created as part of the “18th PE-P” program with Agata Sargalska and Jakub Michał Rożnowski.

Suddenly our Safe Space had to be used for living, working, phoning, studying, playing, arguing, and laughing. Always, everything at the same time! With all the confusion, what calmed us down? A design that our senses experience as “real”.

Welcome, New Design and Multifunctionality

As a response to rapid change in the world, we at Schattdecor have focused our efforts on resilience. This competence enables us to master challenges and to learn from them for the future.

With this awareness we asked ourselves: Which design approaches can we use to contribute to successful change? As a result, we paid even more attention to how much the design of our primary rooms affects physical and mental well-being, our mood, and our feelings. Our home environment should be a place of retreat that gives us strength, peace and security.

How Should Surfaces Feel, How Should They Look?

At home, we rely on our sense of touch more than we realize. It is not enough for our subconscious that textiles, wood, stone or color structures simply look good. Materials should feel the same as their natural counterparts. They should be lifelike and recognizable, cold or warm, have relief and texture.

Haptics and optics give structure to multi-use rooms. They rekindle the feeling of order and security via our tactile and visual senses. We regain confidence in our surroundings and accept them as a place of retreat from a world that is less predictable and more demanding.

1. Optics for Our Safe Spaces

In addition to providing special comfort, highly functional rooms that are beautiful to look at are now in vogue. The chaotic world at our doorsteps is dispelled by feelings of natural authenticity and cooling metal.

Grounded hues and designs promote inner peace and create an atmosphere of comfort. With the help of color and light composition we can delineate areas, visually separating workspace from living space — or simply switch from 'work' to 'living' depending on the time of day or day of the week.

When it comes to natural wood decors for furniture, our Realpore has been a bestseller for many years. Our smartfoil REAL and postfoil REAL processes produce decors of exceptionally high quality, enabling multifaceted refinements which impress with an amazingly natural look. Two additional benefits: smartfoil REAL and postfoil REAL are also easy-to-clean and environmentally friendly.

'''As if made by nature'—this thought always comes to me when I see how Smartfoil Evo looks on furniture or floor surfaces. This can hardly be distinguished from a natural veneer surface with the naked eye. Thanks to the special synchronous matte-gloss look, surfaces refined in this way create a wonderfully authentic atmosphere indoors."

–Theresa Rappenglitz, Product Communication, Schattdecor Germany


Textile decors with a handicraft character radiate warmth and naturalness. As we look at them, they tell us something about how they were made.

Material combination

The combination of different materials envelops us with a sense of security: stone or metal surfaces imply durability and counterpoint the transience of nature.


Decors inspired by craftsmanship or arts and crafts -- for example a textile or layered look -- communicate subtly what we are capable of. Authentic colors and haptics can sometimes be rough and imperfect within such design approaches in order to look perfect together.

"We developed our Finished Surfaces product division specifically to meet customer requirements for innovative, long-lasting surface finishes. In particular, our Finishfoil variants Smartfoil 3D and Postfoil 3D enhance the value of our customers' products and turn them into haptically sophisticated, particularly aesthetic living highlights. With Smartfoil MAT+, we have velvety-soft, super-matte surfaces in our portfolio whose “anti-fingerprint effect” gives highly-used living space super-practical added value."

- Klaus Müller, Head of Sales for Finished Surfaces, Schattdecor Germany

2. How Our Safe Spaces Feel

We have learned that feeling at home and grounding yourself is invaluable during tumultuous times. Our skin seeks compensation for the complicated problems that the mind is dealing with. When touching, we want to feel as much natural texture as possible. So we learned to cook and bake again. We planted gardens, balconies and interiors with our own hands. Reconnecting to our roots gave us back security and structure.

A new material aesthetic has started helping us to better feel our own home. Beyond purely visual perception, haptics can guide us to intuitively understand living space. Depending on the time of day or the task, we can use their guidance to define flexible, multifunctional zones or room-in-room concepts.

smartfoil MAT+ (Anti-Fingerprint Effect)

Live to your heart's content! The trendy Smartfoil Mat+ surface has a highlight: the anti-fingerprint effect. This means “Touching allowed!” In addition Smartfoil Mat+ features a super matte surface finish and a velvety soft feel.

3. How the Positive Feeling of Being at Home Arises

Design optics and haptics already contribute to a comfortable atmosphere. In addition, countless other design options are available with which we can transfer even more authenticity, naturalness and a safe-space-feeling into our living spaces.

Decor-synchronous matt-gloss finish in combination with a practical anti-fingerprint effect ensure that furniture with surface products such as Smartfoil NATURE or Smartflex NATURE remains attractive for a long time. They are extremely easy-to-clean and thus save time that you could invest in adding beauty to your life. Its perfected real-wood character cannot be distinguished from a natural surface either visually or haptically.


Smartflex NATURE is the highlight of wood-inspired kitchens and damp rooms: its closed, particularly easy-to-clean surfaces are recommended wherever water vapor normally poses a problem for furniture. This meets the highest demands of functionality and aesthetics, and introduces completely new design options for the kitchen and bath.

Feel the New Normal

The world is different than the one we knew prior to 2019. The people and teams at Schattdecor hope we can play a small part in making the new normal our own. We want to offer solutions that bring the focus back to what is beautiful and pleasant. Let's set out together!